Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The best ETFs in Canada, cheapest and most expensive

We looked at ETFs in Canada. While there aren't as many as in the US, there are more and more popping up every month. Here are the cheapest and most expensive ETFs in Canada by MER:



- BCA, BMO Canadians Titans 60, MER: 0.158%
- XIU, iShares Large Cap 60: 0.17%


- XSB: iShares Canadian Short Bonds: 0.25%
- XBB, iShares Canadian Bonds: 0.30%

Sector ETFs:

- XEG, iShares TSX Energy: 0.55%
- CLO, Claymore OilSands: 0.6%

Most expensive ETFs:

- Horizon BetaPro Bull+ and Bear+ ETFs: 1.15%

There it is, one more reason to stay away from those leveraged ETFs!