Monday, August 30, 2010

BRAZ: New Brazilian Mid Cap ETF launched

Global X has launched another Brazilian ETF, ticker BRAZ:

The Brazil Mid Cap ETF seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, of the Solactive Brazil Mid Cap Index.

The Solactive Brazil Mid Cap Index is designed to reflect the performance of Brazilian mid cap companies. It is comprised of mid-market capitalization securities of companies that are domiciled or have their main business operations in Brazil.

MER is quite reasonable at 0.69%.

  • Utilities 20.79%
  • Consumer Staples 17.10%
  • Industrial 16.21%
  • Financial 14.61%
  • Materials 13.76%
  • Consumer Discretionary 8.83%
  • Communications 8.71%
Top Holdings:
  • Cia Energetica de Minas Gerais 5.4%, 
  • CPFL Energia SA 5.1%, 
  • All America Latina Logistica 5.0%, 
  • Metalurigca Gerdau SA-Pref 4.6%
  • Bradespar SA-Pref 4.50%.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Chinese ETFs

There are many Chinese ETFS that trade in the U.S. They have had great volatility lately. One of the worst performers in 2010 is CHIM, the Chinese materials ETFs.

CHIM seeks to provide investment results corresponding to the price and yield performance of the S-BOX China Materials Index, which is a "free float adjusted, liquidity tested, and market cap-weighted index designed to measure performance of the investable universe of companies in the Materials sector of the Chinese economy".

Not doing so well:


We track the Chinese ETFs live at one of our Tracking Live site.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Natural gas ETF: UNG straddles for the hurricane season

UNG dropped about 3.67% today. As the hurricane season is approaching, it is very likely that prices could spike up. Volatility is to be expected. Here are some straddles for September and October:

Please do your own due diligence. Options are very dangerous and may cause 100% loss.Computed with StraddlesCalc Tool

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Top commodity ETFs for 2nd half of August: to buy or to sell

Here are the top commodity ETFs to buy and to sell. These are ordered by the long term (monthly) relative strength indicator, which shows how much a stock (or ETF) is oversold or overbought.

Most oversold are LSC and PWND (please click on links to receive buy/sell alerts).

Most overbought are JJT and JO.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Natural Gas ETFs: Declining Commodity Price Plus Contango, Recipe for Disaster

Is Henry Hub a Gangster? It sounds like one, and it acts like one if you invest in natural gas ETFs,.

Investing in natural gas through ETFs has become very popular lately. BNN looked today at two of the major commodity ETFs available to U.S. and Canadian investors.
  • UNG: futures, suffers from contango, losses through rollover, 1.0% MER
  • Claymore, tracks futures on the Alberta market, in CAD, 0.8%MER
Watch video.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kinross Creates New Gold Giant; Straddles Gor Gold Through GDX ETF

Kinross announced it is buying RedBack Mining for just over $7B today. The combination Kinross Red Back has the potential to be a major force. Kinross' shares have dropped over 5% on the news.

Below are straddles for for GDX (miners) ETF for December, showing that a move of 15% makes the position profitable:

These are for KGC for August and November, computed with the free StraddlesCalc Tool.

Please do your own due diligence. This is not advice. Options are very dangerous and may cause 100% loss.